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Years of Experience in the Field

Easy Solar Cleaning, expert Solar Panel Cleaning in Perth, Australia have years of experience in the field, we know exactly how to clean solar panels in the most effective way. Our solar panel cleaners are sure to thoroughly clean your panels and dry off any wet areas to prevent immediate dust build-up. We’ve been Perth’s premier solar panel cleaning company for almost a decade and our brilliant track record truly shows how committed and driven we are to offer incredible result.

State of the Art Equipment

To make sure our services are as effective as possible, we invest heavily in the best non-invasive cleaning equipment that gently, but powerfully removes dust, grime and other impurities from your panels without damaging them. Far too many solar panel cleaning companies in Perth violently scratch their customer’s panels, reducing solar output and permanently damaging panels! We make sure this never happens as all of our equipment is precise and gentle.

Environmentally Friendly Services

As one of the city’s only solar panel cleaners, we also like to do our bit for the environment, just as our customers do. We make use of only environmentally friendly cleaners and dust removing solutions. This ensures nothing we spray and clean your panels with is dangerous to the plants and animals on your property, and also makes certain nothing hazardous is going to head into local waterways.

What our customers say

The process with these guys was so smooth and efficient, we had our solar panels cleaned within one day, and we already see a massive increase in electricity production! Everyone was friendly, helpful and the service was affordable!”  

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Rob, Applecross

Until recently we’ve had our solar panels underneath a large tree, which not only shaded them but also left them to go mouldy and covered with grime. We’ve had the tree removed, and the panels were terribly dirty and so inefficient that they were barely working, so we gave easy solar cleaning a call. After a few days of thorough cleaning, we are happy to say our solar panels glistening in the sun and have more than doubled their power production!

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Amanda, City Beach


Really quick subheading about uur benfits

We are based in Perth, Western Australia


The leading reason our customers choose to work with us is our experience in improving solar output after our solar panel cleaning. We wash our customer’s panels so thoroughly and without scratching or damaging them, that their electricity output can increase up to 25%! You’ll see an immediate reduction in your power bill and a higher output of power right away. There’s no need to wait at all.  


For peace of mind, we’re also completely insured against any sort of property damage that may occur during the clean. If there’s an issue after our clean, or if fragile, frail glass cracks during a solar panel clean, we’ll take care of everything. All replacements, repairs and assessments are covered by the Easy Solar Cleaning team, so you won’t need to do — or pay — a thing.


Capping off our service is as simple as offering complete and utter certification to all of our customers in Perth. The whole team at Easy Solar Cleaning is completely certified in safe workplace practices and also employs a range of safety equipment pieces to ensures there’s no chance of someone accidentally slipping or falling off a roof. It’s the peace of mind you deserve to have when a team is working on your home’s roof.

Additional FAQs

How do you clean the panels?

We use a blend of water and environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that allow us to remove more than just lightly settled dust, but also stains, marks and mildew that may have built up on the solar panels glass top layer. This ensures sunlight has no barrier when it comes to reaching your panel’s PV cells.

Why should I have solar panel cleaning?

There is one main reason to consider solar panel cleaning, and that’s the fact that dirty panels don’t produce peak power output. Any dust, grime or build-up of impurities on your panels will block out the sun and cut your solar product by upward of a quarter or more!

After a single clean, you’ll notice that your panels might be an entirely different colour or shade and you’ll see that your power production has increased dramatically, great for saving on power bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

How much money could I save?

From research studies and local Perth surveys, the average solar panel array that hasn’t been cleaned for two years will have lost 35% of power output. This equates to over a thousand dollars a year in lost savings. In basic terms, the average Perth family could see upwards of $100 savings on their solar panels, with many people seeing more than $500 in savings over the course of a year.

What things affect solar output?

With regards to cleaning, the most common things that affect your panel’s electricity output are dust, grime, leaves, bird poop, salt water or saline air compaction and rainwater spotting. All of these things block the sun from landing on your panels and cut back on your panel’s power production.

How often should I have the panels cleaned?

We suggest that you have your panels cleaned every 6 to 10 months. You’re going to want to keep efficiency high and without proper routine cleaning, you could be losing hundreds of dollars a family, or thousands of dollars a year as a business. We offer routine solar panel cleaning in Perth and window cleaning in Perth, just give us a call for ongoing cleaning services.