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   If you’re having trouble getting those streak-free windows, or looking for an easier way to keep your unrestricted view of the sea clear, then we have all of the window cleaning solutions for you!

expert window cleaning

If you’ve ever tried to clean your windows, you’ll know the effort and precision it takes to get a squeaky clean, streak-free surface.

That’s why we send out only our most experienced professional window cleaning experts.

They’ll have all of your windows crystal clear in no time, and with little effort thanks to our fantastic equipment and their experience, even in those hard to reach skillion windows!




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eco-friendly services

We’re not only an incredible residential and commercial window cleaning service in Perth, we’re also an environmentally-focused one too. As you’d expect, all of our cleaning solutions are chemical free and also biodegradable in the environment. There’s no harm to plants, animals or other humans with us, and you can rest assured that we’re also cleaning up our worksites to prevent rubbish, packaging or anything else landing in waterways or parks.

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What our customers say

 5 Star Rated On Google

“We noticed that the Easy Solar Cleaning team also cleaned windows, so we also had them deal with our home’s windows and the results are incredible. Everything is spotless now, and our view of the beach is entirely unrestricted! I have stain and mark free, crystal clear glass, and I couldn’t be happier.”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Claire, Mindarie

“I’m thrilled with the final result and all of the contractors who worked with me to have the windows cleaned. The wait time was minimal, and the whole service took just a day to complete! Certainly, recommend working with these guys.”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Greg, Dalkeith

our benefits

Why Choose Us to Clean Your Windows

Cleaning Your Windows can be difficult, especially if you there are hard to access such as double storey homes! Stress less and leave the hard work to us, and enjoy the pristine results of crystal clear windows!   

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A More Inviting Home

With pristine windows, you’ll massively improve the appearance of your home which is ideal if you’re looking to sell, or invite friends and family over for a party. There’s no better way to showcase a clean, welcoming home than with crystal clear windows, and with our professional window cleaning we give you the power to do just that!

Fully Insured Services

Much like our solar cleaning services, our window cleaning services are also fully insured for property damage. That means if there’s an issue with your windows after the clean, or if a window is damaged or broken, we’ll be the ones who sorts out your replacement or repair, free of charge! It’s just how we like to do things to make sure our customers aren’t stressed or dealing with too much at once.

Improve the Home’s Efficiency

One major benefit our customers report noticing is a cooler home! Due to the build-up of dust, grime and other impurities, your windows could be holding a lot more heat than you’d like, adding to the cost of cooling or heating your home. A thorough window clean removes these temperature rising impurities and leaves you with a cooler home, and a better view!

Additional FAQs

Do you clean more intricate windows such as louvres, skylights and others?

Of course. As we’re one of Perth’s leading window cleaners we make it our priority to know exactly how to clean all types of windows, even the ones in hard-to-reach places. We clean everything from simple sliding windows through to in-roof skylights.

For commercial customers, we also work to clean all types of stained and tinted office windows without damaging sensitive tint materials. You can rest assured that once our cleaners are finished cleaning your windows, you’ll have streak-free undamaged tint.

Is it best to clean in and outside glass?

Typically, yes. You’ll want to have the best result and as you can see straight through glass, if one side is dirty the entire glass sheet will look dirty. We offer interior and exterior window cleaning for both residential homes and commercial spaces. If we need to get up a few levels we also have the equipment to ensure our window cleaners are safe and able to get the job done even if they’re off the ground.

Will I need to move furniture or rearrange rooms?

No. You can often leave everything as is and we’ll do the cleaning around the items just fine, though if we notice there’s a chair or decor piece in the way, we’ll move it carefully and continue on with the clean. Once we’re done, we’ll be sure to put everything back where we’ve found it.

For the best results, how often should I have windows cleaned?

Generally, windows become noticeably dirty within four to five months. That said, we suggest that you engage professional window cleaning at least twice a year to make sure you’re not dealing with a built up of grime or grit on your windows.

How do I book an appointment or change an assessment time?

We conduct all communication online or via phone, so all you’ll need to do is give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be able to make any changes or arrange a window cleaning in Perth with no trouble at all.