Perth, Australia may not be as popular a holiday destination as the East coast of the country, but what it lacks in historical sights, it makes up with its fantastic landscapes. On a sunny day, there may be nothing better to do around this region than to visit one of Perth’s many jaw-dropping beaches. Here we have compiled the top 5 most beautiful and interesting beaches in Perth, which are perfect visits for a hot summer day.

1- Scarborough Beach

Without a doubt the most famous beach in Perth, Scarborough Beach is a trendy place beloved by the city’s young people, surfers and families alike. The beach presents a striking contrast between the city and Australia’s wild coast. On the one hand, it is surrounded by some of the tallest buildings in the city, on the other hand, the beach itself is a well-preserved white sand paradise. It is one of the most active cities that we have listed here, with a lot of shops, restaurants and cafs to visit around. However, it is also perfect for relaxing on the beach and going for a swim in its beautiful blue waters. 

2- Port Beach

Port Beach is a long strip of sand stretching up to South Cottesloe. It is the perfect family destination, as it is a very clean and safe beach. Port Beach is close to Fremantle Harbour which makes it generally safe from breakers and therefore the ideal place to go for a swim. This long expanse of white sand also makes for a gorgeous romantic walk along the coast, or for a perfect morning run. 

3- Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach is a little piece of paradise for all of Perth’s keen surfers. It is renowned for its powerful waves which make surfers gather here by the hundreds every summer. In the summer, the water is particularly beautiful there and we recommend it to non-surfers as well as a nice place to relax and watch the city’s most talented sports enthusiasts play in the waves. While it is a beautiful sight with its wild ocean, we would not recommend this beach for swimmers as the water can get dangerous. 

4- Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is a perfect all-rounder beach for families and individuals alike. It is a very large beach filled with activities for children, cute cafs and restaurants for the adults, and the famous Cottesloe pub serving delicious fresh beers year around. We recommend it for large gatherings looking for a place to spend a sunny afternoon in one of the city’s best never-boring beaches.

5- South Beach

Calm and peaceful, South Beach is a gorgeous expense of sand surrounded by trees and pines. The water is equally calm and safe, making it an ideal place to go with children. They will also enjoy the many playgrounds all around the beach, while the adults may enjoy a barbecue on the sand. After a sunny afternoon spent in South Beach, head to Cappuccino Strip for a lovely array of restaurants and cafes.