increase your solar panel efficiency by up to 25%

Don’t settle with dirty, underperforming solar panels any longer, leave it to the solar panel cleaning experts at Easy Solar Cleaning!


We offer all of our customers in Perth a deep understanding of the processes involved in solar panel cleaning.

With decades in the industry, all of our panel cleaning contractors and team members know how to clean panels effectively, precisely and delicately.

We leave no trace of dust, grime or compacted leaves or bird faeces following a clean, ensuring your panels are pristine and ready for optimal power production.




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safe, biodegradable cleaning solutions

The cherry on top of our incredible services is our commitment to the environment. Our customers have taken it upon themselves to install panels to reduce their impact, so we do the same when we clean! All of our cleaning equipment and materials are chemical-free, biodegradable and are safe to be left run into stormwater drains and yards. It’s just another way we commit to providing the best solar panel cleaning in Perth.

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What our customers say

 5 Star Rated On Google

My solar panels are just over seven years old and having a 2kW system I expected to see at least 1200 to 1500W being produced each day. Initially, it did start like that, though now they’ve dropped below 600W daily! I had the cleaners from Easy Solar Cleaning come to take a look, and they let me know that the dust and build-up of grime was refracting a good majority of the light back into the sky – reducing my output. I’ve now had them cleaned, and I’m happy to say we’re back to 1200W each day! So delighted with the outcome.”


5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Jill, Iluka

“I own a commercial space in Balcatta with almost one hundred panels on the roof. There’s always a dust problem here, and I’m sure over time the dust has settled on the panels and ruined their power production. The team here had the whole clean done in a week, and I’ve noticed that there’s been a massive improvement in power production. I can tell you from now on that Easy Solar Cleaning are going to be my go-to cleaners.”



5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Adam, Balcatta

our Benefits

 Benefits of Choosing Easy Solar Cleaning

You May NOT Even Realise But… Having dirty solar panels can be increasing you energy bill significantly! Having clean panels increases the output of your panels, so choose Easy Solar Cleaning to clean your panels today!

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Improve Output By up to 25%

We’re pleased to say that our commitment to such a thorough clean has meant a majority of our customers see a marked increase in solar panel efficiency. As we clean, we allow far more light to penetrate your panel’s glass coating and into the PV cells. A common efficiency increase we see is upward of 10%, with some customers even seeing a massive 25% increase in power production! You’ll have lower energy bills, clean panels and a reduced carbon footprint once we’re done.

Entirely Insured Services

A way we reduce customer anxiety is by offering an entirely insured cleaning process. If there’s any damage or issue with your solar panels after we’ve completed our clean, it’s the Easy Solar Cleaning team who will be paying for replacements or repairs! That means, no matter what happens, you won’t have to pay a cent out of pocket. It’s part of our satisfaction guarantee to you and your family.

Safety Certified Team

To cap off a brilliant service, we also ensure the safety of our contractors and employees too. All staff at Easy Solar Cleaning hold relevant safety certifications as well as qualifications to assure that they’re able to safely and effectively work on roofs. There’s no chance anyone will be falling or slipping on your roof, reducing the risk of damage to your panels, and also our team. It’s how we safeguard our services for everyone involved.

Additional FAQs

Is solar panel cleaning expensive?

We’re pleased to say that having your solar panels cleaned is incredibly affordable! We’ve streamlined our process to save time, so we’re also able to reduce our prices on top of our already-great savings.

You shouldn’t expect your panel cleaning to go over $150 for 8 panels.

Where do you service?

We work with customers across the whole of Perth. Whether you’re in the Northern suburbs, far south in Rockingham or anywhere else, we’re just a phone call away!

Can you remove salt water stains or marks?

Absolutely. We understand many of our customers leave close by the sea and often deal with build-up of saltwater spots, so we make use of non-iodising cleaning solutions to strip back any of these output-reducing spots and marks. You’ll see a smooth, spot-free surface on your panels once we’re done.

When will I see an increase in power output?

The boost in power output is apparent immediately after our cleaning! As soon as we’ve completed our solar panel cleaning with you, your panels will be unrestricted and able to absorb all of the sunlight hitting them, often boosting output by over 20 per cent.

Are there any other benefits of panel cleaning?

The main secondary benefit of cleaning your panels is a lifespan improvement. Through routine solar panel cleaning you’ll notice your panels last a whole lot longer than if they were left to their own devices, rusting away and becoming cluttered with leaves and mould on your roof.