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Joondalup Solar Panel Cleaning aims at boosting your solar panel efficiency by up to 20%. This could save you hundreds of dollars annually and create room for other investment opportunities. At Easy Solar Cleaning, we have years’ of experience in the field, and our priority is to make your solar panels look their best all year round.

Rainwater Just Isn’t Enough

Most people tend to avoid professional cleaning service with the excuse that rainwater will do the job. On the contrary, solar panels are just like car windscreens. They need to be thoroughly cleaned after every rainy season. This is because the grime will accumulate and affect the overall performance of your solar panel. As such, all panels should be cleaned after every 6-12 months. The interval you pick should be dependent on the environment in which the solar panel is located.

Increased Durability

It is commonly known that items which are given special treatment will last longer. The same applies to your panel. The material used to make them is delicate, and this why it is essential to regularly clean and service them.

Aesthetic Appeal

Clean solar panels add to the overall look of your home. They create the impression that that environment is properly taken care of and can even increase the value of your home in case you would like to sell it.

Over to You

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5 start rated for garage door repair in Perth and in Australia.  5 Star Rated On Google

“Our Home in Joondalup is looking impeccable after using Easy Solar Cleaning to clean our windows! We also got our solar panels cleaned and can’t wait to reap the benefits”

Jane Smith, Joondalup

“Thanks to Easy Solar Cleaning for restoring our solar panels to original condition!”

Tom Gregson, Ocean Reef

Common benefits

Common benefits of choosing Easy Solar Cleaning in Joondalup

Benefit 1

We strive to ensure that our services are effective. Properly cleaned solar panels can go up to months before they need another round of service. We have invested in the finest machinery, which is non-invasive and cannot cause any damage to your solar panel.

Our equipment is designed to clean the mildest of dirt such as dust, to the grimmest material such as bird poop. The latter especially requires gentle but steady cleaning to avoid leaving scratch marks on the solar panel. Scratched panels have reduced efficiency and in the long run, may need to be replaced.

Benefit 2

Being the only solar panel cleaners in the city, we like to make sure that we do not harm the environment in any way. Our techniques for dust removal are, therefore, environment-friendly. Our unique formulas sprayed on the panel will also pose no threat to animals or plants around your property.

The waters released from our establishment are treated and cannot pollute the rivers or ocean.

Benefit 3

Most manufacturers of solar panels have a list of conditions to fulfil in order for customers to benefit from their warranty. One such condition includes cleaning the solar panel. In the event that your solar panel is damaged, you will have to show proof of cleaning in order to be compensated. At Easy Solar Panel, we provide receipts after services. This would go a long way in proving that indeed, you took care of your solar panel during the ownership period.

Additional FAQs


Yes, we do service Joondalup and surrounds.

Do you do free quotes in joondalup

Yes our team can do free quotes in Joondalup

Are your team certified?

Yes our team has all the necessary certifications to clean solar panels and windows so you can stress less. 

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