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Why Choose Us

The main reason why you should seriously consider Fremantle Solar cleaning is to increase the output of your solar panels. While solar panels generally require little maintenance, the accumulation of grime, dust, pollen grains, mould, bird droppings, and other debris, cover the protective layer of the panels. As a result, the sun’s rays cannot reach the photovoltaic cells. 

In turn, this effect leads to poor solar panel efficiency, which is the amount of solar energy that gets to be converted to electrical power. Poor solar energy efficiency can cut your power output by up to 25%, and in case you have not cleaned for two years that could get to 35 %. Getting a reputable Fremantle Solar panel cleaning service clean your panels has many advantages including earning you about $500 in savings through the year. 

Easy Solar cleaning has over a decade of experience in cleaning different solar panel setups. We have a proven track record which has seen us embrace the latest technology and to better serve our clients. You can safely leverage our expertise and quickly get referrals from previous happy customers.

 The key to our success has been the use of active and non-corrosive cleaning techniques. Our cleaning and the de-ionized water we use are effective in removing the pile of dirt while being soft on the surface to avoid any corrosion. There is no residue left behind, and we dry the surface quickly to prevent any immediate pile-up of dust.


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What our customers say

5 start rated for garage door repair in Perth and in Australia.  5 Star Rated On Google

“I was able to save heaps, thanks to Easy Solar Cleaning. Would definitely recommend to all my friends!”

Lauren G., Fremantle

Easy Solar Cleaning’s service was efficient and very effective! Thank you!

Billy K., Fremantle

Common benefits

Easy Solar Cleaning is the premier Fremantle Solar Panel Cleaning service. 

We provide you with the best staff and equipment for the job and offer timely and effective services at competitive rates. Contact us now for a free quote.


Our service to you is fully insured. Should anything be damaged or broken during the cleaning, we will cover everything, and you will spend no cent on any charge. We are protected against any damage that may happen, and when added to the training of our staff, you can rest easy knowing you are covered. 

Better equipment

Our equipment is the latest in the industry. Not only does it provide safety to our staff but also ensures your panels and clean and we can access all spots. It also allows us to complete cleaning much faster, adding to the efficiency of our service.

Environmentally-friendly solutions

We are conscious about our environment and the impact our cleaning services may have on the surrounding. As such, we only use eco-friendly products wholly tested to be safe on not just the panels and air but also people, pets, and plants. 


Additional FAQs

do you service Fremantle?

Yes, we service Fremantle and surrounding areas.

Do you have safety certifications?

Yes, our team has all the safety certifications necessary to clean solar panels, and utilise all the equipment to ensure safety to our staff and no damage to your property.

do you do next day call outs?

Yes, we do next day call outs.

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