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Why Choose Us?

Rich Experience – Easy Solar Cleaning has experience in the solar cleaning industry spanning over 40 years. Over this duration, we have been able to learn of some of the best challenges related to solar panel cleaning. We have also learnt to adopt the best cleaning methods depending on the kind of solar panel you have installed in your property. That kind of experience only comes with time.

Fully-certified Technicians – Our technicians are duly trained in solar cleaning and maintenance. We understand that solar panels are a sensitive installation in your home, and the very thing you want is to entrust the cleaning job into unskilled hands. Not only are our staff some of the best-trained Duncraig solar panel cleaning technicians in this region, we also have the relevant certification and skills to show for it.

Lots Of Happy Clients – When it comes to solar panel cleaning, you want a company that enjoys a favorable rapport with its past clients. For the duration we have been in existence, we have serviced hundreds of customers, most of which have left very positive reviews on us. That is because our relationship with the customer does not end the moment our solar panel cleaning project ends.


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What our customers say

5 start rated for garage door repair in Perth and in Australia.  5 Star Rated On Google

“Getting our solar panels cleaned has saved us so much money! Thanks Easy Solar Cleaning for doing an amazing job!”

Kim Wood, Duncraig

“After being apprehensive of the benefits of getting our solar panels cleaned, I’m glad I made the decision to do it. Easy Solar Cleaning did a fantastic job and I have already recommended them to our neighbours in Duncraig!”

Greg Davidson, Duncraig

Common benefits

Get your solar panels cleaned today, to reap all the great benefits

Are you based in Duncraig and looking for a solar cleaning company that uses organic cleaning compounds, guarantees fast turnaround and offers fairly affordable rates? Look no further than Easy Solar Cleaning.

Benefit 1

Same Day Cleaning Services – Easy Solar Cleaning is known for its remarkable turnaround. Our aim is to restore the functionality of your solar panel so you can continue to enjoy its amazing power-generating functions. We believe that is an exercise that needs to be dispensed with as soon as possible, which is why we operate on same-day solar cleaning services.

Benefit 2

Responsive – It does not matter what time you call us, or where you are based within Duncraig or the surrounding neighbourhoods. Our able staff will always be on standby to respond to your queries. We have a customer service number that you can always call in whenever you wish to have your solar panel cleaned.

Benefit 3

Safe Cleaning Solutions – You probably had a solar system installed in your home as a way of harnessing green energy. It would then defy logic that a solar panel cleaning company shows up with cleaning solutions that go against that very noble initiative. At Easy Solar-Cleaning, our cleaning solutions are free of chemicals, and totally biodegradable. This ensures minimal damage to the environment.

Additional FAQs

Which areas do your services cover?

We operate throughout Perth, but mainly focus on Duncraig and its immediate surroundings

How soon should I see a boost in the power output of my solar panel?

That should come immediately we are done with the cleaning.

Do you have specialized cleaning equipment

Yes. We will assess your solar system and the scope of work expected before recommending custom cleaning equipment for the job.

Other Areas We Service