Our Solar Panel Cleaning Team Services the Canning Vale Area

Why Choose Us

Canning Vale Solar Panel Cleaning is a business which professionally and effectively cleans your solar panels so that they can perform at their best possible efficiency. Dusty or dirty solar panels perform at a reduced efficiency than clean ones due to getting a more concentrated light directed onto the cells themselves.

We are an experienced and expert team which knows how to properly clean your panels without damaging them. We will provide all equipment and materials needed to complete our service. We use the latest specialised equipment and constantly research and retrain our cleaners with all new models to ensure that our service stays top of the line.

We offer a quick and reliable service which is affordable for all. We offer our services to all solar panel owners no matter how old or new they are. Subject to availability we can even offer repeated service on a schedule so that you can be sure that your panels are always performing at their best.

Brand: Easy Solar Cleaning

Address: Level 2/ 11 Mounts Bay Road, 6000, Perth, Western Australia

Phone Number: 08 7078 7802

Longitude: 115.854424

Latitude: -31.955759


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What our customers say

5 start rated for garage door repair in Perth and in Australia.  5 Star Rated On Google

“Thanks to Easy Solar Panel Cleaning, I was able to call up and schedule a free quote to my Canning Vale house and then have them cleaned by the following week! ”

Michelle Rogers, Canning Vale

“Easy Solar Cleaning’s service was impeccable, and so efficient! I would definitely recommend to anyone in the Canning Vale area to use Easy Solar Cleaning if you have solar panels, to get them to clean yours!

John Casey, Canning Vale

Common benefits

There are Many Benefits of Getting your Solar Panels Cleaned

If you would like to take advantage of Canning Vale Solar Panel Cleaning please contact us today and we can arrange a quote that’s right for you.

Benefit 1

When you had your panels fitted, you probably enjoyed having a reduced cost of electricity and great aesthetic value from the cleanliness of your panels. By hiring Canning Vale Solar Panel Cleaning you can return your panels to the full experience of when you first bought them. Did you know that your panels could lose more than 20% efficiency if they are left to the elements over an extended period? You could be losing significant efficiency by not taking full advantage of general maintenance!

Benefit 2

We offer a quick service which will not disturb you at all. Simply accept our quote and we can visit and perform our service with our own equipment and materials. All you will need to do is complete the payment and let us perform while you work. Please note that there may be some noise disturbance if you are in the house while we complete the service.

Benefit 3

You could clean the panels yourself, but Canning Vale Solar Panel Cleaning completes all servicing with specialist level competence. We aim to outperform competitor if we cannot achieve this we need to improve as a company. We will offer you great service for an affordable price, contact us today for a quote.

Additional FAQs

How much does your service cost?

Due to different panel models and the number of panels being unique to each customer we cannot tell you this at face value. Please contact us with details of your setup and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.

When do you operate?

We operate full time during the working week, but we may have to plan for new customers. Please contact us and we can provide you with times for appointments and further details.

How effective is your service?

There is no definite improvement rate for cleaning services but there is proof that it can range up to a massive 35% in certain situations.

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