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Why Choose Us?

We have a team of well-trained professionals who know how to handle solar panels. We follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on installation and maintenance. You are guaranteed that your solar will be in safe hands. Also, you can rest assured that we will do a high-quality job as soon as you hire our services.

We are insured solar panels cleaning services provider. This means that you do not have to worry about the risk of paying for any incidents that may occur during the cleaning as that is covered in our insurance policy. Cleaning solar panels come with many risks. They include, electrocution, falling off the ladders for roof-mounted solar panels or breaking the solar panel.

We have a proven track record of cleaning over 990, 000 solar panels and leaving behind happy clients. If you read our testimonials you will see that all of the clients we have served throughout our existence were all pleased with our services. We serve on both domestic and commercial properties. 

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What our customers say

5 start rated for garage door repair in Perth and in Australia.  5 Star Rated On Google

“Glad we chose Easy Solar Cleaning to clean our panels! Thank you!”

Jane H., Armadale

“Easy Solar Cleaning’s service was fast and reliable! We’ll definitely be using them again! Thank you!”

Tom Ellison, Armadale

Common Problems

Do you need Armadale solar panel cleaning services? Look no further. 

To restore your solar panel to maximum efficiency, you need to seek our professional solar panel cleaning services.

Benefit 1

We use environmentally safe products to clean solar panels. Compliance with environmental rules and regulations is necessary to safeguard our environment from pollution. Also, some people collect rainwater from rooftops. In such a scenario, safe products should be used for cleaning rooftop-mounted solar panels to ensure that water poisoning as a result of contamination by cleaning chemicals does not occur.

Benefit 2

At Easy Solar Cleaning, we offer competitive rates for your solar cleaning, servicing, and maintenance. Some companies overcharge their services but with us, you do not need to worry about that because we offer reasonably priced solar panel cleaning, services, and maintenance.

Benefit 3

We do a good job for you that boosts your solar panel’s efficiency by up to 25%. When cleaning, we ensure that the panel is thoroughly cleaned and no damage or scratching occurs to the solar panel. You will be able to notice an increase in the solar panel’s efficiency almost efficiently.

Additional FAQs

Is Solar Panel Cleaning Necessary?

Yes. Absolutely. People think that the rain will clean their solar panel. However, this might reduce the amount of dust on the solar panel. However, if there are birds’ droppings, oil or grease on the solar panel, the rain is not enough to clean the panels. You will notice the difference when our professionals clean your solar panels.

Do You Offer Solar Panel Monitoring Services?

Solar monitoring is very useful because it helps keep an eye on the solar panel. This includes physical inspection from time to time. Of course, this will attract a monthly fee. On the plus side, it will help avert damage to your solar panels and help increase the panels’ lifespan.

I Have Some Questions, Who Do I Talk To?

If you are based in Armadale and you have questions related to Armadale Solar Panel Cleaning, you can talk to our customer support who are available 24/7

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