Western Australia is a place full of excitements and enjoyments besides Eastern Australia, and Perth is one of the very best places here. If you are visiting Perth during the summer, you must experience the stunning and amazing beaches around Perth and make your holiday in Western Australia a memorable and enjoyable one. There are many famous beaches around Perth, and here are the top 5 Perth beaches to go on a sunny day.

1. Port Beach

Port Beach and nearby Leighton Beach are basically connected together, making it a strip of sand for you to enjoy numerous activities, including but not limited to, swimmers, paddle boarders, joggers. Since Port Beach is really close to the Fremantle Harbour, there are no breaking waves around this area, thus it’s also the perfect place for families with kids to carefreely and leisurely enjoy all the amazing things the beach can offer. There is also a great restaurant nearby, Salt on the Beach Restaurant, which is one of the best places for beach-lovers to have decent food in this neighbourhood. 

2. Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is famous for its soft and yellowish sand and it only takes you about 20 minutes to drive from city centre of Perth. You can visit Cottesloe Beach anytime you like, but it demonstrates its best in the morning. If you are lucky enough to visit Cottesloe Beach in March and also an art lover, be sure to attend an international exhibition of art installations on the beach, Sculpture by the Sea, which has already been held for 15 years. There is a street just next to the beach, named Marine Parade, where you can enjoy coffee and brunch among numerous selections of cafes and bars. Whether you are making merry from the cocktails served in the Beach Club or just stuff yourself with delicious and fresh seafood at Cott and Co Fish Bar, the choice is all yours.

3. Swanbourne Beach

If you are one of the naturists or just want to be fully simmered in the environment without any burden on your body, Swanbourne Beach is really a must-visit beach in Perth surroundings. While the southern part of Swanbourne Beach is just as beautiful as every other beach in Perth, it’s suitable for everyone who loves beach activities and swimmers. If privacy and freedom are truly your things, visit the northern part of Swanbourne Beach to find yourself lots of nudists friends here enjoying the beach as well. At Swanbourne Beach, there is nothing else but your pure enjoyment to consider about. No clothes, no worries. 

4. Scarborough Beach

This beach is just next to lots of skyscrapers, just like Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast. There are numerous luxurious hotels, magnificent apartments, high-class restaurants, as well as many common stores like cafes, bars, ice-cream kiosks and so forth. It’s also one of the most popular beaches in Perth as it has one of the unbeatable long stretches of sand for every tourist to enjoy beach activities as well as surfing and swimming. With Mother Nature’s flawless palette including the white from the sand, the blue from the water, and the yellow from the sunlight, what can you ask for more? However, if you do want to enjoy Scarborough Beach with fewer people around, walk towards the south for a quieter but still beautiful place to enjoy.

5. Rottnest Island

Want to have a different feel or vibe to the beaches around Perth? Why not try the beach on the island? One of the most-visited offshore islands, Rottnest Island, offers a total of 63 beaches and 20 bays for you to enjoy your activities here. While every one of them is unique and irreplaceable, you can explore The Basin, Little Salmon Bay, and Geordie Bay for a starter. Rent a bike or tandem to stroll around the island, join the underwater tour for a marine wildlife encounter, attend the event for a surfing competition, or tramp along the 45km trails to witness the beauty of Rottnest Island, just choose any activity from above and genuinely enjoy your holiday here on Rottnest Island.