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Premium Solar Panel Cleaning and Window Cleaning in Perth, WA

After the explosive growth of the solar panel industry, our founders noticed that Perth customer’s satisfaction with their solar panels began to drop significantly after a few years. A significant majority of homeowners with solar panels were unhappy with the savings produced by their panels and also considered having them replaced completely. This is where Solar Panel Cleaning Perth comes in!

From this, we formed Easy Solar Cleaning. We aim to provide a comprehensive solar panel cleaning service in Perth that leaves our customers with glistening solar panels once more, that output up to 25% more power than they did before they were cleaned.

Through our commitment to the environment, we’re providing Perth residents with by far the best and most seamless solar panel cleaning service, and we’re looking forward to continue doing this for decades to come.


Why Choose Us For Your Solar Panel Cleaning and Window Cleaning Needs?


Our Service

One of the most premier features of our service is ensuring that our cleaning is completely thorough and leaves no section of a solar panel dirty. We use state of the art cleaning solutions and equipment that enable us to remove even the toughest grime and hardened dust, allowing more sunlight to penetrate the upper glass and find its way into the PV cells.

After years in the industry, we’re happy to say we now work with everyone from residential homeowners to commercial and industrial businesses. Our solar panel cleaning is efficient and effective enough to deal with a small array of panels, or hundreds of panels atop a commercial or industrial space.

We also offer ongoing support and direction for our customers who would like to know more about how to keep their solar panels clean and what to do if they see a drop in output after our clean.

Our Team

We stand by our service wholeheartedly by only hiring the best of the best when it comes to cleaning solar panels. All of our team members are experts in their field and are able to do so much more than just clean away dust and grime. They’re each able to assess why a panel may be dirty, what’s causing this issue and how best to go about cleaning the panel in a way that will prevent future issues.

Our team also takes it upon themselves to manage their own safety and the safety of your home. we make sure to use an array of safety equipment pieces that ensure that no one is going to accidentally trip, slip or fall off of a roof in the process of cleaning. This takes away liability from you and your family, and also keeps everyone safe in the process.


One last point we’d like to share is that we’re completely insured for all damage or issues with solar panels after we’ve finished our clean. That means that you’re not left to fit the bill for all new panels if we accidentally damage fragile or ageing panels.

Make your solar panels feel brand new again, improve power output and save on your electricity bill. Give Easy Solar Cleaning a call today.    

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