There is no doubting the wonderful attraction of Perth, Australia. Its beauty and gorgeous sunshine is a major pull to so many tourists throughout each year. It is widely known as the Australian city with the most sunshine hours. Here, you’ll find a list which will tell you how to take advantage of this place and its scorching sun. 

1. Beaches

Of course, heading to the beach in Perth just has to be a formality right? If you’re visiting Perth and you don’t take yourself to the coast, then you are definitely missing a trick, Although most people head to beaches like Scarborough and Cottlesloe, it is worth noting that a quieter beach like Port Beach should also be considered. It has great places to eat nearby and the bars are a great factor too. 

2.Kings Park

This place has to make your list of things to do. It is an enormous park filled with green grass and flora gardens. There will not be many better ways to spend a day in the sun than visiting here. You could bring food and a blanket, along with activity games, and really just chill for the day. An extra perk about this place is that during summer nights, there will be a moonlight cinema for all you movie lovers. 

3. Rottnest Island

A magnificent place 20 kilometers from shore. If you fancy a day out taking part in activities such as hiking and swimming, then Rottnest Island is a must see. It is a family-friendly island that’s filled with golden sand, originally formed by limestone. While you’re here, you’ll notice its highly population of quokkas, a small native marsupial. People tend to spend a bit of time taking selfies with them while being on their island. 

4. Bold Park

In fact, there are many hiking trails you can explore, but Bold Park is a highly popular one to visit. If you’re a fitness freak, you’ll be glad to know that its trails consists of 15 kilometers. Not only can walkers enjoy these long trails, but horse riders too. If you decide to take the challenge of hiking at Bold Park, make sure you attempt Reabold Hill Boardwalk. Taking this trail will reward you with views of the Darling Ranges, city center, and the Indian Ocean. 

5. Take a Swan River Cruise

If you enjoy being on a boat and relaxing, then this cruise is for you. On a sunny day, it is a perfect for the river’s currents to take you on a journey of seeing the spectacular views of the city skyline. During this cruise you’ll be surrounded by many sail boats and people looking on from the banks, taking in its stunning atmosphere. The cruise will take you to the city of Fremantle, where you can enjoy some free time in a historic port city. another wonderful place to visit while touring Perth. 

You now have the top five things to do in Perth while there’s sunshine beaming down onto the city. Each one of these places have things to offer, regardless of the type of person you are and what you like. Check them out, and really appreciate the city of Perth.